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Color plate from the May 1887 issue of Peterson's Magazine depicting various styles of women's special occasion dress including full bridal ensemble.

Two walking ensembles for women from a winter 1883 Peterson's Magazine. Images include hats, wraps and dresses.

Two views, front and back, of a circa 1889 walking ensemble including bustled skirt, basque bodice and hat.

PetersonsAug1870 002.jpg
Black and white illustration of a visiting dress, appropriate for making calls. Also includes one collar design and one sleeve style.

Two designs for undersleeves in satin stitch and openwork from Godey's Ladies Book.

Image of two women sitting on a hammock, circa 1890. One woman is wearing a striped wrapper, the other is wearing a plain skirt and blouse. Both women have straw hats.

Two styles of fischu or berthas from the 1857 Godey's Ladies Book. Includes two embroidery patterns for a gentleman's tie and a pair of ladies drawers.

Fashion plate from the book, Fancy Dresses Described by Ardern Holt, 1887. This book gives advice on what to wear to fancy dress balls or masquerade balls and includes many illustrations.

The Only Child 1857 bw.jpg
Steel Plate engraving called "The Only Child" from Godey's Ladies Book, 1857.

The Mitherless Bairn March 1857.jpg
Steel plate engraving entitled "The Mitherless Bairn," from the March 1857 edition of Godey's Ladies' Book.
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