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Illustration for a woven afghan for a baby carriage. Hand colored in red, white and black.

Color fashion plate from an issue of the 1887 Peterson's Magazine. Second of five plates.

Hand-colored plate from the March 1887 issue of Peterson's Magazine. This plate folds out from the bound copy of Petersons, so it shows fold creases.

Third of Five color plates from the bound 1887 compilation of Peterson's Magazine.

Slightly damaged color fashion plate from the Marcdh 1864 edition of Godey's Ladies' Book. Both faces are slightly obscurred by what appears to have been an attempt to erase something from the plate.

Fashion plate from the book, Fancy Dresses Described by Ardern Holt, 1887. This book gives advice on what to wear to fancy dress balls or masquerade balls and includes many illustrations.

Juliet, from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Color diagram of Heart Slipper needlework pattern from the Godey's Ladies Book, 1857

Color needlework diagram for a red and green gentleman's slipper from the Godey's Ladies Book, 1857.

Color pattern diagram and instructions for an oakleaf needle work slipper design and instructions from the 1857 Godey's Ladies Book hardbound edition.
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