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Pattern diagram and braid detail layout for a pair of cloth baby shoes.

PetersonsAug1870 001.jpg
Black and white illustration from Peterson's Magazine of a bonnet, a hat and two children's dresses.

Design and instructions for an embroidered chemisette on muslin or lawn in Irish Guipure taken from the 1857 Godey's Ladies Book.

PetersonsAug1870 008.jpg
Illustration of a boy's suit, boy's short coat and a child's pinafore with pattern diagram from Peterson's Magazine

Pattern images for collar designs from the 1857 Godey's Ladies Book.

Diagram and instructions for making a corded corset from the 1857 Godey's Ladies Book.

Images of the Cornwell's dresscutting pattern system pieces including the sleeve supplement. This system is the 1888 update of the original 1873 system.

Instruction booklet for the Cornwell's Pattern Drafting System with diagrams.

Diagram of Lady's Dress January 1857.jpg
Image, description and pattern diagram for a day dress from the January 1857 issue of Godey's Ladies' Book

Peterson's Magazine, winter 1883. Black and white illustration of two dinner dresses.
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