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Color plate from the May 1887 issue of Peterson's Magazine depicting various styles of women's special occasion dress including full bridal ensemble.

Third of Five color plates from the bound 1887 compilation of Peterson's Magazine.

Advertisement for Remington typewriters depicting female secretary from a1895 Harper's Magazine.

Image of two women sitting on a hammock, circa 1890. One woman is wearing a striped wrapper, the other is wearing a plain skirt and blouse. Both women have straw hats.

hoops 1858.jpg
Illustration and description of an expandable and retractable set of hoops from 1859 Godey's Ladies' Book

Albumen print of young girl, unidentified, circa 1865.

"Pattern Draughting and Garment Cutting" from the 1882 edition of Gately's Universal Educator
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