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Fashionable Mantle June 1857.jpg
Image, instructions and pattern diagram for a fashionable mantle of 1857.

Images and descriptions of the following:
1. Basque
2. Muslin Breakfast Cap
3. Habit shirt front and collar
4. undersleeve with cuff to match 3.
5. Four styles of Bonnets
6. embroidery design for Chemise

Two styles of fischu or berthas from the 1857 Godey's Ladies Book. Includes two embroidery patterns for a gentleman's tie and a pair of ladies drawers.

Design and instructions for an embroidered chemisette on muslin or lawn in Irish Guipure taken from the 1857 Godey's Ladies Book.

Two designs for undersleeves in satin stitch and openwork from Godey's Ladies Book.
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