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Color plate from the May 1887 issue of Peterson's Magazine depicting various styles of women's special occasion dress including full bridal ensemble.

Steel plate engraving from Godey's Ladies' Book, 1857, entitled Charity.

Illustration, instructions and pattern diagram for a Lady's basque design from the January 1857 issue of Godey's Ladies' Book

The Mitherless Bairn March 1857.jpg
Steel plate engraving entitled "The Mitherless Bairn," from the March 1857 edition of Godey's Ladies' Book.

Tableau April 1857.jpg
Steel Plate engraving entitled, "Tableau," from the April 1857 Godey's Ladies' Book.

September 1857 Heel and Toe.jpg
Steel plate engraving called "Heel and Toe" from the September 1857 edition of Godey's Ladies' Book.

July 1857 Grandfather's watch.jpg
Steel plate engraving called "Grandfather's Watch" from Godey's Ladies' Book, 1857

Godeys 1857.jpg
Frontispiece to the 1857 year-end compilation of the Godey's Ladies' Book.

Color fashion plate from an issue of the 1887 Peterson's Magazine. Second of five plates.

Illustration of an ornate chatelain watch or brooch watch from Peterson's Magazine. Digitally enhanced for better printing.
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