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Illustration, instructions and pattern diagram for a Lady's basque design from the January 1857 issue of Godey's Ladies' Book

Mary Stuart hood and pattern diagram with instructions for sewing.

Illustration and directions for making a gentleman's travel toiletries kit.

PetersonsAug1870 008.jpg
Illustration of a boy's suit, boy's short coat and a child's pinafore with pattern diagram from Peterson's Magazine

Pattern diagram and braid detail layout for a pair of cloth baby shoes.

1857 for diagram on p 74.jpg
Image, description and pattern diagram for a day dress from the January 1857 issue of Godey's Ladies' Book

hoops 1858.jpg
Illustration and description of an expandable and retractable set of hoops from 1859 Godey's Ladies' Book

"Pattern Draughting and Garment Cutting" from the 1882 edition of Gately's Universal Educator

Pattern images for collar designs from the 1857 Godey's Ladies Book.

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