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PetersonsAug1870 002.jpg
Black and white illustration of a visiting dress, appropriate for making calls. Also includes one collar design and one sleeve style.

Advertisement for Remington typewriters depicting female secretary from a1895 Harper's Magazine.

Advertisement from Godey's Ladies' Book for tooth powder

Illustration and description for making a Montespan collar and cuff.

Mary Stuart hood and pattern diagram with instructions for sewing.

Illustration of an ornate chatelain watch or brooch watch from Peterson's Magazine. Digitally enhanced for better printing.

PetersonsAug1870 003.jpg
Black and white illustration from Peterson's Magazine of a house dress with two views of collars.

Illustration and directions for making a gentleman's travel toiletries kit.

PetersonsAug1870 001.jpg
Black and white illustration from Peterson's Magazine of a bonnet, a hat and two children's dresses.
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