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PetersonsAug1870 011.jpg
Illustration and instructions for making a corner hanging shelf decorated with tree cones.

Fashion page from 1880s edition of Peterson's Magazine. Illustrations include: afternoon gown, boudoir/lingerie jacket, morning cap, brooch in the shape of a spider

Two views, front and back, of a circa 1889 walking ensemble including bustled skirt, basque bodice and hat.

Pattern diagram and braid detail layout for a pair of cloth baby shoes.

Peterson's Magazine, winter 1883. Black and white illustration of two dinner dresses.

Two walking ensembles for women from a winter 1883 Peterson's Magazine. Images include hats, wraps and dresses.

1857 for diagram on p 74.jpg
Image, description and pattern diagram for a day dress from the January 1857 issue of Godey's Ladies' Book

hoops 1858.jpg
Illustration and description of an expandable and retractable set of hoops from 1859 Godey's Ladies' Book

Fashionable Mantle June 1857.jpg
Image, instructions and pattern diagram for a fashionable mantle of 1857.

Pattern diagram, instructions and illustration for a Home Wrapper designed by Emily H. May from the 1865 Peterson's Magazine
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